Open Source Intelligence-as-a-Service

Your cost-effective way to enhance your security management needs.

Our highly skilled open source intelligence analysts and domain experts will leverage our machine learning technology to provide you with in-depth analysis and reports across online, deep and dark web channels. We’ll provide you with the scalability and visibility needed to meet your increasing security demands.

Augment your team with an analyst

Depending on your discrete project or crisis, you may require additional resources or the flexibility to have a full-time open source intelligence analyst on demand. Either way, thred has two Open Source Intelligence-as-a-Service packages available that will help you augment or complement your existing security team with one of our highly-skilled open source intelligence experts to enhance your threat management process.

Choose what works best for you

With dispersed security teams, staff shortages, and a lack of resources dedicated to high-impact areas it is challenging to properly access and manage security threats to your organization. Not to mention that events and scenarios can be unpredictable or unplanned leaving your team short-staffed and under-resourced. That is where our team of open source intelligence analysts can augment or compliment your existing team for as long or as little as your situation requires. No matter what your needs are, we can assist you with platform configuration, case and alert set-up, analytic reports and up to 24/7 coverage.

Our Approach


  • Discovery
  • Collaboration
  • Assessment


  • Domain Knowledge
  • Technology
  • Custom Approach


  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Interpretation
  • Communication
  • Reports

Insights and Understanding

  • Predict
  • Identify
  • Mitigate
  • Manage

How we can help

Event Management

Real-time monitoring and reports during the course of an event, ensuring you are aware of any situation manifesting on online channels.

Human Asset Protection

Understand important digital footprints on social, deep, and dark web channels.

Physical Security Protection

Identify potential physical security threats that manifest online.

Benefits to your organization

  • Quickly be alerted on security issues and threats
  • Compliment or augment your in-house security team with the expertise and the extra visibility needed
  • Extensive expertise in investigation, social intelligence, and human intelligence
  • Over 20+ years of Municipal, Federal and International Law Enforcement investigation experience  (specialties include: covert operations, security management, asset/executive protection)
  • Advanced data analysis experience that includes: advanced behaviour pattern analysis, natural language processing, and linguistic analysis
  • Expand the breadth of your coverage with a full-time intelligence analyst
  • Broader visibility into potential threats
  • Hands-on and real-time event monitoring
  • Additional support with short or long-term projects and/or unpredictable events depending on extra needs
  • Identify potential online vulnerabilities to help better understand potential dangers
  • Simplify security management process to include detection, prevention and enforcement of online threats
  • Streamline daily workflow operations, which will save you time, money, and ultimately, increase your team’s situational awareness
  • Complement your security team with specific social and threat intelligence expertise in a cost-effective, budget-conscious way
  • Effectively manage your spend depending on your needs and demands

Open Source Intelligence as-a-Service is the most cost-effective way to address your security needs.

Let us show you how.